1. We learn to think relationally;
2. which works instrumentally;
3. but increases our access to pain, and causes misery when applied to our own insides.
4. You cannot rein in this kind of judgment judgmentally,
5. but you can learn to do so mindfully, with resulting b...

...There cannot be right or wrong values because, by definition, your values are how you are evaluating your own behavior. Values are the ruler.

...Feelings are not good guides for behavior...If you chose to be a loving partner but decide to be loving only when feeling...

Our intimate relationships with family, friends, and life partners are the foundations of an ethical life...The challenges of marriage are many, but the rewards are great. In forcing you to connect with your humanness, marriage can give you an identity not determined b...

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"It's time for us to put down the idea that we have to think well of ourselves at all times to be mature, successful, functional, mentally healthy ind...

When self-esteem is elusive: self-compassion

January 11, 2015

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