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Pia Newell Santiago, M.A.



The approach I take with clients is that counselling/therapy is a collaborative, active and growth-oriented process. I work with clients who are interested in being active participants in the therapeutic process by exploring their personal experiences, developing insight, and taking action toward change and growth.


I practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a dialogue-based, client-centered approach to developing non-judgmental openness to thought and emotional experience, and value-oriented action.


I have specific training and personal interest in spiritually-integrated therapy and welcome clients both with or without specific interest in exploring the religious/spiritual dimensions of their experiences. My therapeutic setting is open and accepting of clients, regardless of gender, sexual, cultural, or religious/spiritual orientation.


For more about me, I have a professional profile and the blog on this site will give you some ideas of what I'm about, as a therapist.









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